Akvo Dskhali

Halfling water priest


Akvo is originally from a halfling tribe in the Forest Ridge and grew up with legends of the days when Athas was green. When he was still young he worked with his father, learning how to grow and tend wild orchards and harvest and handle fruits from the forest. When he came of age he discovered his affinity with the element of Water. This is also where his pacifism stepped to the foreground, and where he started to develop his philosophy of saving Athas through applied empathy, compassion and promoting cooperation across divides…saving Athas…together. Around the time he was getting to feel confident that his studies had developed sufficiently for him to be able to sustain himself through sharing his gift and making water contracts as is custom among halflings, his father died falling from a tree. After that there was nothing left for him in the Forest Ridge and wanderlust set in…

On his travels he meets a druid living in the city-state of Balic and stayed with him for a while, a little like a guru, then went on his way again. He found himself journeying between Urik and Silver Spring. To pay for protection for this journey he joined a House Resherek slaver caravan. He made a water contract with the caravan owners to provide water and keep the slaves in good health and take care of their ailments in exchange for a fee and protected transport. Nothing, however, could protect the caravan from an enraged megapede…

Along with other survivors from the attack, Akvo explored a nearby Elemental Mortuary, sacred to Water, and vowed to return some day. He finally made it to Silver Spring, and then to Kled, where he helped rescue a captured kreen druid from the Jura Dai. To ensure the druid’s release, Akvo offered himself as hostage to the elves, while his companions carried out their bidding in harrying Urikite forces in the area.

Eventually his captivity ended and Akvo journeyed to Tyr, becoming enmeshed in a variety of conspiracies and plans. He left the city behind for a period to return to the Elemental Mortuary, cleansing it of the undead that infested the place and discovering a great lake deep underground beneath it.

Akvo Dskhali

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