Arvos Water Hunter

Elf preserver


Arvos is an elf of the Water Hunters tribe. After troops from House Stel raided Water Hunters land, Arvos and some other elves went to spy on them. Arvos, unfortunately, was captured and sold to House Resherek. He was sent south aboard a Resherek caravan but was able to escape when a megapede attacked the argosy. He joined forces with other survivors of the attack to explore a nearby Elemental Mortuary.

After that, Arvos journeyed to Silver Spring, where he encountered his tribemate Content Not Found: boaku-water-hnuter. While Boaku lent aid to Arvos’ new companions, Arvos returned to the tribe. He rejoined his friends in Tyr some weeks later for a return trip to the Mortuary.

Arvos Water Hunter

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