Mul gladiator


Ehu was bred as humanoid livestock, as a heavy crodlu might be, the product of the rape of an enslaved dwarven mother who died delivering him into a life of captivity. He was raised as a gladiator for House Resherek’s stable. Nurturing a deep resentment towards his owners for the violation and killing of his mother, only the overwhelming force of Resherek and Urikite power kept him subdued, biding his time for a chance to escape and take his revenge.

That chance came when the Resherek argosy transporting himself, Vanos and others was attacked by a megapede. He decided to follow Vanos, a fellow mul and clearly a streetwise operator. Along with Vanos and other survivors from the argosy, Ehu explored a ruined Elemental Mortuary, journeyed to Silver Spring and Kled, rescued a kreen druid from the Jura Dai and fought the forces of Urik in a series of bloody battles.

When his companions headed to Tyr, Ehu remained in Kled, learning about dwarven life. He eventually journeyed back to the Mortuary with Akvo and Arvos, but suffered badly from heat-stroke on the journey and was unable to join them in the exploration itself.

One day Ehu plans to travel to Tyr to see for himself a city without slavery and perhaps build a future there. Meanwhile he yearns to extract a life-time’s worth of revenge from House Resherek and Urik.


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