Aparctias Vayu

Aarakocra air cleric/trader


Aparctias Vayu is an aarakocran descending from the noble Vayu family line. He does not have the vulture-like looks like those so common with the Tablelands aarakocra. His lineage is related to the red-hawk species, and as such provides him with his spectacular and flamboyant features. Aparctias hails from a tribal conglomerate at northern tip of the Ringing Mountains known as Deepek-Aial. This society was always very inward focused, and this is where Aparctias beliefs differed.

He underwent his initiation rites hunting Silt Sea creatures, as is common with the Tablelands aaracokra, and he saw with his own eyes what was happening to the world. He grew to despise his people’s rigid closed-mindedness and inability to interact. Needless to say, this feeling was reciprocated. Although being privileged through his nobility, and being a charming communicator, he had few real friends among his tribe. Spurred by his incessant begging and cajoling, his father, a senior member on the council, eventually acceded to sending him away for training abroad, just to get rid of him. After conferring with the Council of Elders he arranged for Aparctias to train in Balic with a druid they know.

Aparctias Vayu

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