Barak Night Runner

Elf bard


An elf with a wily smirk and no treacherous thoughts whatsoever.


An elf of the mysterious Night Runner tribe, Barak owed nominal loyalty to the Veiled Alliance of Raam, for whom he works as a sometime-courier, spy and factotum. He assisted in transporting the injured Korgunard from Raam to safety at Desverendi’s valley near Tyr and slew a pair of half-giants single-handedly in defense of Korgunard during the preserver’s healing.

When Barak’s companions began a campaign to oust Tithian of Mericles from the throne of Tyr, Barak betrayed them to the king. They were ambushed at Crackbone Hollow and slain. Barak returned to the city to claim his reward – which came in the form of a poisoned blade wielded by an unknown assassin.

Barak Night Runner

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