Boaku Water Hunter

Half-elf druid/preserver


Boaku was the child of a human woman and an elf of the Water Hunters tribe. She was raised in a human village in the northern Tablelands but when she came of age, the druids of the tribe sought her out and offered her tutelage. Boaku readily accepted.

After several of the tribe were captured while spying on House Stel troops, Boaku and others went looking for them. Boaku found Arvos Water Hunter at the oasis of Silver Spring, in the company of other escaped slaves. Arvos returned to the tribe and Boaku remained to lend aid to Arvos’ new friends.

With them she journeyed to Kled, rescued a thri-kreen druid from the Jura Dai, fought troops from Urik, visited Tyr and became embroiled in the numerous plots afoot in that city.

Boaku Water Hunter

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