Mul wizard


A mul in loose robes, covered in tattoos.


A mul, born and bred for slavery, Ka’Tor ended up in the labour pool of Lord Portharian where he worked as a general labourer for many years. His natural aptitude and relatively quick mind (for a mul) soon caught his master’s attention and, rather than waste him the fields or squander him in the arena, took Ka’Tor under his wing. The mul proved an able learner and took on special tasks that required discretion and strength combined. Visits to Tyr’s dangerous elven markets to procure spell components for his owner’s illicit activities became commonplace for the slave.

Enslavement during the rebellion to overthrow Kalak saved Ka’Tor from a direct involvement by his master’s side in the battle at the arena, but Ka’Tor participated in the slave revolt, fighting his way to freedom from the arena as Kalak’s defiling spell leeched the life from those around him. Since then, Ka’Tor continued to work in the interests of Lord Portharian and the Veiled Alliance, assisting in the initiation of a number of those involved in the assassination of Kalak himself.

Following revelations that there may be a myrmeleon in the Raamin Veiled Alliance, Ka’Tor joined his fellows on an expedition to Raam in order to seek the truth of the matter. Furthermore, Lord Portharian had asked him to assist in locating the fallen preserver Sadira and seek to redeem her before she was slain by the halfling chieftain Nok. Ka’Tor’s loyalty proved to be his undoing.

Ka’Tor was instrumental in both helping Sadira regain her balance as well as in the larger mission of bringing legendary preserver Korgunard from Raam to safety. He fell in battle with a shadow giant, engulfed by his foe, standing over Korgunard’s body in defense of the comatose Gossamer.

Date of death: 25th Octavus, Year of Priest’s Defiance.


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