Kirisya "Sunset" Ninos

Human gladiator


Faster than you’ll ever live to be…


Kirisya, ring name “Sunset”, was a successful up-and-coming gladiator in Urik. She left that city when she discovered she was being built up, feted as the new Princess of the Pit, only to be secretly scheduled against legendary gladiatrix Mav the Poison Queen. Allegedly coming out of retirement, Mav had been in training for this match for months, and all things were stacked against the young pretender in a match that would have been be very profitable for some for Kirisya to lose.

Fleeing to Tyr, a city with a legendary arena of its own, she found all the gladiators otherwise employed, and no opportunities for the aspiring Queen of the Free Arena. With the lucrative mercenary work all cornered by the Crimson Legion and the merchant houses, and the no-questions-asked work handled by the gangs, Kirisya had an unpleasant run in with some of Yoatu’s men when trying to find her place. They beat her up, stole her steel sword and other choice item, and warned her to stay out of the Warrens. Things looked bleak and Kirisya found it easier to earn ceramics dancing in taverns than plying her more martial skills.

Kirisya "Sunset" Ninos

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