Human earth priest


A human woman in the ritual robes of an earth priestess.


A human woman hailing from one of the villages of the Ringing Mountains, Paamell grew up with stone, earth and sky as her brothers and sisters. Little wonder that she began to hear the call of the sacred elements before she had even entered her teens. Her parents sent her to the nearby shrine of Gunginwald, a place sacred to elemental earth. There she was tutored by an earth priest of great power.

Since then, Paamell has come down from the mountains, drawn by the lure of Kalak’s ziggurat. She came to Tyr to learn more about the monument and soon found herself working as a slave overseer on the upper levels of the construction. Her insight and connection to High Templar Tithian allowed her to divine the mechanics of the ziggurat’s function and then attack the design during the assassination of Kalak, hampering Kalak’s transformation and giving her companions a route to much-needed victory. Since the sorcerer-king’s demise, Paamell focused her attention on the work of the Veiled Alliance as well as on attempting to devise a method to render Tyr’s arsenide ore safer to mine.

While continuing to work on the difficult and frustrating task of devising a method to strip the arsenide ore from the mines, Paamell has continued to strengthen her bonds with Tithian’s Templarate, in particular the Bureau of Security. She helped lay to rest undead that had been terrorising Artisans Way and was also instrumental in recovering the Tyrian agent known as Faro Blossom from slavery during an espionage mission turned sour. She has carved a niche for herself in Tyr and, since the acquisition of the Lepidoptery, her star seems likely to continue to rise.


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