Sûn Herrix

Pterran trader


A pterran with an indolent expression.


A pterran from the village of Yellow Rock, Sûn and his fellows were forced to flee when a band of marauding giants wiped Yellow Rock off the face of the map. Those refugees that survived came to Tyr and the infant, orphaned Sûn was among them. His natural way with words led him to the trader’s life and, after a few years running with a neighbourhood gang, Sûn was able to set himself up in business. Not as a fence, you understand, but as an honest trader. Really.

Since then, Sûn has carved quite a niche for himself in Tyr, forging contacts with all levels of society, from the gutter to the templarate. His inquisitive nature has gotten him into some trouble on various occasions, most recently when he eavesdropped on a secret Veiled Alliance meeting. He was forced to join or die for the secrets that he had learned. All part of a day’s work for the honest trader.

Sûn undertook the triple Green, Crimson and Action tests to join the Veiled Alliance and survive. He was instrumental in gaining access to the Golden Tower, during which mission he posed as an Ambassador from Raam. Sûn wasted so much time coordinating a trading expedition to Raam as a cover for a Veiled Alliance probe into the activities of their Raamin fellows that his companions left without him. During this period he also assisted in the liberation of a captured Tyrian spy known as Faro Blossom, further increasing his piece of the action.

Sûn was instrumental in driving Tithian of Mericles out of Tyr. Along with many of his companions, however, he was undone by Barak’s treachery and met his end in battle at Crackbone Hollow.

Sûn Herrix

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