Tik-Tik Kyorthok

Thri-kreen gladiator


A thri-kreen who moves with startling grace and economy.


A kreen of the tok’sa species, Tik-Tik was a professional gladiator in the employ of House Asticles. Although not a slave, Tik-Tik was saved from a band of elven hunters by an Asticles caravan and swore allegiance to House Asticles ever since. He treated Agis as his clutch-leader in all things. Since then, Tik-Tik won fame for himself in the Tyrian arena, never having lost a contest to date, although he developed a friendly rivalry with K’tek, a fellow kreen gladiator at the arena.

Tik-Tik was loyal, fearless and a terror to behold in personal combat. His kreen mind made him a valuable resource to House Asticles and Agis was known to assign Tik-Tik tasks that are not normally reserved for gladiators. Tik-Tik also recently struck up a relationship with the proprietors of the Hungry, Hungry Halfling dining house in Tyr’s Bards Quarter, and more recently reached the Grand Melee at the climax of Kalak’s final games, participating in the overthrow of the dragon-king. Tik-Tik was involved in a plan to devise a vernacular script for Tyr based on the kreen alphabet.

Tik-Tik took part in the Green, Crimson and action tests in order to become a full Ancilliary of the Veiled Alliance. He suffered terrible wounds at the hands of a reptilian Raamin sorceress during the Raamite incursion into the Golden Tower but the swift actions of his comrades saved him. Tik-Tik also began to unlock racial memories hidden deep within himself in order to follow the path of the thri-cho, a strange form of kreen mystic.

These memories accelerated Tik-Tik along the path of the thri-cho, a path with developed further during the time he spent shepherding the injured avangion Korgunard. The strange racial recollections stirred by the kreen hardened Tik-Tik’s resolve to uncover the lost spiritual past of the kreen. These ambitions came to a premature end when Tik-Tik and his companions were betrayed by Barak Night Runner. Following an ambush at Crackbone Hollow, which left all of his allies dead, Tik-Tik has disappeared.

Tik-Tik Kyorthok

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