Tithian of Mericles

King Tithian I


A noble-born son of House Mericles, Tithian rose to become High Templar of the Games and the King’s Works in Tyr. Tithian appeared to be a loyal servant to his master. A boyhood friend of Agis of Asticles, he leaked vital information on Kalak’s plans to Agis and the Veiled Alliance, allowing them to plan and carry out the assassination of Kalak with the use of a group of his own slaves. After the regicide, Tithian claimed the crown for himself. He cemented popular approval for his reign by immediately freeing all the slaves of Tyr.

It was later discovered that Tithian was trying to follow in Kalak’s footsteps, delving into his former master’s lore. Word on his nefarious activities was leaked to the populace of Tyr and Tithian fled the city before his subjects turned against him.

Tithian of Mericles

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