Vanos Goxavo

Mul fighter/thief


Vanos is a soldier in the Glorious Legion of Bronze. While spying on the forces of Urik, he was captured and sold to House Resherek. Freedom came when his slave argosy was attacked by a megapede, and Vanos joined several other escaped slaves in exploring a nearby Elemental Mortuary. He journeyed with his new companions to Silver Spring and Kled and helped rescue the village’s kreen druid from the Jura Dai elves.

A deal with the elves saw Vanos and his friends harrying Urikite forces in the region and during one such mission, Vanos was able to rescue several captured fellow Legionnaires. He also captured vital intelligence documents from the Urikites and took the information contained therein back to the Legion.

He was later sent into the city-state of Tyr to scout its disposition and readiness of its troops. While there he helped old friends deal with Shikarva and Rhac (suffering only a slight amount of mind-control in the process) and then returned with them to the Elemental Mortuary to cleanse it of the undead.

Vanos Goxavo

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