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  • Hamanu

    Hamanu is the sorcerer-king of [[Urik]]. He is allegedly a living god.

  • Captain Weom

    Captain Weom was the commander of a [[House Resherek]] argosy. Until he was killed by the PCs.

  • Lebak

    Lebak was a drudge aboard a [[House Resherek]] caravan. After the caravan was destroyed by a megapede, Lebak eventually made his way to [[Silver Spring]], settling down there.

  • Situ

    Situ was a cook aboard a [[House Resherek]] caravan that was destroyed by a megapede. He was able to find safety in [[Silver Spring]], cooking for the lazy stinking elves who live there.

  • Kalak

    Kalak was the sorcerer-king of the city-state of [[Tyr]], which he had ruled for over a thousand years. Kalak all but ruined the economy and general well-being of his realm over the last century by pouring its every resource into the construction of a …

  • Tithian of Mericles

    A noble-born son of [[House Mericles]], Tithian rose to become High Templar of the Games and the King’s Works in [[Tyr]]. Tithian appeared to be a loyal servant to his master. A boyhood friend of [[:agis-of-asticles | Agis of Asticles]], he leaked vital …

  • Agis of Asticles

    The lord of [[Tyr | Tyr’s]] [[House Asticles]], Agis is a nobleman at the heart of the conspiracy to overthrow [[:kalak | Kalak, Tyrant of Tyr]]. He seems to be a reasonable man, displaying calm and integrity under pressure. Agis led a combined psionic …

  • Banneker

    Banneker was the commander of a group of raiders who attacked our heroes at the [[Elemental Mortuary]]. He was slain for his troubles.

  • Hurk

    Hurk was [[:banneker | Banneker's]] lieutenant, until [[:vanos-goxavo | Vanos Goxavo]] stabbed the crap out of him.

  • Graddle

    Graddle was one of [[:banneker | Banneker's]] raiders, until he was defeated by our heroes and joined them on their journey to [[Silver Spring]]. He remained at the oasis when they departed for [[Kled]].

  • Yazzo

    Yazzo is an elf of the [[Silver Hands]] tribe and is a livestock trader at [[Silver Spring]]. [[:garrick]] sold him some rather dehydrated kanks - a slight that Yazzo will not forget in a hurry.

  • Kria

    Kria is a half-elven merchant who sells trinkets, bric-a-brac and other assorted baubles (ie, junk) at [[Silver Spring]] market.

  • Marista

    Marista was a slave who escaped from [[Tyr]] and went to live in [[Kled]]. She journeyed to [[Silver Spring]] with [[:kollus | Kollus]] and [[:to-gahl | To-gahl]] to seek aid for her village. She was slain during the expedition.

  • Kollus

    Kollus was a slave who escaped [[Tyr]] and went to live in [[Kled]]. Along with [[:marista | Marista]] and [[:to-gahl | To-gahl]], he journeyed to [[Silver Spring]] to seek aid for his village. He died trying to return to Kled.

  • To-gahl

    To-gahl was a dwarf from [[Kled]]. He journeyed to [[Silver Spring]] with [[:kollus | Kollus]] and [[:marista | Marista]] to seek aid for his village. He failed, and became a banshee.

  • Lyanius

    Lyanius was the uhrnomous of [[Kled]], until he had an unexpected encounter with [[:to-gahl | To-gahl's]] banshee.

  • Gakka

    Gakka was a gladiator in [[Tyr]] before she escaped and came to live in [[Kled]].

  • Barunus

    Barunus became uhrnomous of [[Kled]] after [[:lyanius]] was slain by a banshee.

  • Fanan

    Fanan is a lookout for the [[Jura Dai]]. He isn't very good at his job.

  • Jengi

    A young elf of the [[Jura Dai]].she is the daughter of their chieftain [[:tuga-dai]].

  • Tuga Dai

    Tuga Dai is the chieftain of the [[Jura Dai]] and father of [[:jengi]].

  • T’klick’chik

    T’klick’chik is the druid who watches over the oasis of [[Kled]]. He was briefly captured by the [[Jura Dai]] and has sworn vengeance on [[:tuga-dai]] for this captivity.

  • Yoxley

    Yoxley was the innkeeper of the Parched Palette, an inn on Caravan Way in [[Tyr]].

  • Haulik

    Haulik is a merchant of [[Tyr]]. He is married to [[:besma]].

  • Besma

    Besma is a merchant from [[Tyr]]. She is married to [[:haulik]].

  • Saltu

    Saltu is an elf of the [[Jura Dai]], slumming it in [[Tyr]].

  • Zalcor

    Zalcor is a lieutenant in the City Watch of [[Tyr]].

  • Erradus

    Erradus was a Templar of [[Tyr]] until he was murdered by a mob.

  • Kerig

    Kerig was a Templar of [[Tyr]] until he was killed by an angry mob.

  • Grik

    Grik is a former gladiator who runs a weapons store on Caravan Way in [[Tyr]] (called "Grik's Weaponry", imaginatively enough), along with his associate [[:murd]].

  • Murd

    Murd is [[:grik | Grik's]] assistant at Grik's Weaponry on Caravan Way in [[Tyr]].

  • Thorg

    Thorg is the village armourer in [[Kled]]. His work does not come cheap, but he knows it is worth the prices he charges.

  • Kelta

    Kelta is a member of a loose band of pterran orphans and street-children who live in and around the Herrix Silo in the pterran ghetto of [[Tyr]].

  • Sintha Valex

    Master Sintha is the head of [[House Valex]]. He is one of the more powerful merchants in [[Tyr]], known for his business acumen and connections across the city.

  • Timrol

    Timrol is the innkeeper of the Inn of the Bleached Inix, in the Warrens of [[Tyr]].

  • Theel

    Theel is a farmer in [[Tyr]]. He likes to drink at the Inn of the Bleached Inix.

  • K’kikrik

    K’kikrik is a kreen of [[Tyr]] who likes to drink scuppernong at the Inn of the Bleached Inix. Co-owner of the Hungry, Hungry Halfling dining house, K’kikrik is a kreen with a strong love of his people and culture. He cares little for the laws of the …

  • Shikarva

    Shikarva was a templar of [[Urik]] with considerable psionic powers, posing as a mercenary, and trying to spread sedition in [[Tyr]]. He was working with [[:rhac]] until both were killed by our heroes.

  • Leto

    Leto was an enforcer for a crime-boss of [[Tyr]] known as [[:yoatu]]. He was repeatedly _charmed_ by [[:ssylith | Ssylith Herrix]], leading him to reveal all manner of indiscreet secrets to the pterran. After Ssylith and his friends slew Yoatu, Leto …

  • Yoatu

    Yoatu was a crime boss operating in the Warrens of [[Tyr]]. He kidnapped [[:kelta]] in an attempt to force [[:ssylith | Ssylith Herrix]] and friends to stop interfering with his protection racket. After unpleasant negotiations and an even more unpleasant …

  • Rikus

    Rikus is a former gladiator of [[Tyr]] and fighting partner of [[:neeva]], now a member of the [[Council of Advisors]]. Rikus took a personal role in [[:kalak | Kalak's]] assassination. He hurled the Heartwood Spear at the sorcerer-king, but found that …

  • Rhac

    Rhac was a Templar of [[Tyr]], assigned to the [[Council of Advisors]]. He was leaking vital intelligence to [[:shikarva]], for which he paid with his life. Rhac's death revealed him to be a strange construct with white fluid for blood.

  • Faldar

    Faldar is a member of the [[Veiled Alliance]] of [[Tyr]] and an associate of [[:mahlanda]].. He can often be found in and around Shadow Square. Faldar was member of the revolutionary conspiracy that sought to overthrow [[:kalak | Kalak's]] rule and was …

  • Mandax

    Mandax is a Templar of [[Tyr]]. He was [[:guerdra|Guerdra's]] lover and, at her behest, closed the shop of her rival [[:migena]]. Migena was hiding slaves in her cellar, however, and when they died and started attacking people on Artisan's Way, Mandax …

  • Cabric

    Mul slave working on Kalak's ziggurat. Along with a group of fellow slaves, Cabric was top dog in his slave pit - until [[:reev-sammox | Reev Sammox]] and [[:kraa-ak | Kraa'ak]] arrived on the scene and made him their little bald bully-bitch. Cabric was …

  • Mahlanda

    Mahlanda is a member of the [[Veiled Alliance]] of Tyr. She is an associate of [[:faldar]].

  • Orman of the Wastes

    A half-elven beggar who used to frequent the Elven Market in Shadow Square. Orman fell foul of a pair of elves from the [[Jura Dai]] tribe and was arrested in the ensuing scuffle (along with [[:reev-sammox | Reev]] and [[:kraa-ak | Kraa'ak]]). Orman was …

  • Tatarminis

    Co-proprietor of the Hungry, Hungry, Halfling. Tar holds true to the halfling bonds of family, tradition and the cycles of life and death, (the Good and the Green). Tar's bond with [[:k-kikrik | K’kikrik]] is unspoken in its strength

  • Lissan

    A human female, and gladiator at [[Tyr | Tyr’s]] arena, Lissan is a former slave of [[House Asticles]] and was transferred to work on [[:kalak | Kalak’s]] ziggurat. She is the fighting partner of [[:tachandral]], a bond that Tachandral’s lover [[:kanla]] …

  • Kanla

    A gladiator at [[Tyr | Tyr’s]] arena, Kanla is a slave and was transferred to work on [[:kalak | Kalak’s]] ziggurat. She is the lover of [[:tachandral]] and has trouble accepting the fact that Tachandral’s pairing with [[:lissan]] is for professional …

  • Tachandral

    Tachandral is a gladiator from [[Tyr]]. He is [[:lissan | Lissan's]] fighting partner and [[:kanla | Kanla's]] lover. It is not a trouble-free arrangement.

  • Neeva

    Human female, slave and gladiator. Neeva is one of [[Tyr | Tyr's]] most famous gladiators. Along with her fighting partner [[:rikus]], she has won fame and fortune. She was a member of the conspiracy to overthrow [[:kalak]]. Neeva fought in the Grand …

  • K'tek

    A kreen gladiator at [[Tyr | Tyr’s]] arena, K’tek has a playful rivalry with [[:tik-tik-kyorthok | Tik-Tik]]. A fiery individual, K’tek went on to fight in and survive the Grand Melee, where he was paired with Tik-Tik. After a brief bout of hand-to-hand …

  • Etheros

    An associate of [[:faldar]], Etheros was a member of the [[Veiled Alliance]] of [[Tyr]] and part of the conspiracy of preservers, slaves, gladiators and nobles that sought to overthrow the Tyrant of Tyr.

  • Sadira

    A mysterious preserver, friend to [[:agis-of-asticles | Agis]] and [[:rikus]], Sadira was part of the alliance to assassinate [[:kalak]]. She revealed a willingness to risk the censure of the [[Veiled Alliance]] when she wielded defiling magic in the …

  • Urrgos

    A half-giant hailing from a village somewhere on the shores of the [[Sea of Silt]], Urrgos’ wanderlust brought him to [[Tyr]]. He made the mistake of falling asleep in the Warrens during a press gang sweep and was enslaved for his error. With the …

  • Cavasaideen

    One of a pair of mul brothers moved to the slave pits from [[Tyr | Tyr’s]] iron mines. Cavasaideen saw life as futile and death as inevitable and it was only the words of wiser folk that kept him from rushing to a certain doom on the slavers’ blades. He …

  • Granj

    Granj is a human male, a former slave and leader of the slaves in Pit 4 of the ziggurat slave pens. He is a cautious thinker, given to observation and planning before rash action, and became a firm ally in the rebellion to overthrow [[:kalak]]. Since the …

  • Hivash

    A former slave and leader of his people in [[:kalak | Kalak’s]] slave pits, Hivash has since become the uhrnomous of all dwarves in [[Tyr]].

  • Banther

    Templar in charge of the King's Games in [[Tyr]] and the construction of the arena, Banther is reputed to be a gladiator of no small prowess himself.

  • Timor

    Senior Templar under [[:tithian-of-mericles | King Tithian I]] and now First Minister of [[Tyr]], Timor is a wily negotiator who has found himself holding many of the reigns of power since Tithian’s absence from the city. He is keen to win a safe place …

  • Flin

    Running a cut-price weapons store just inside [[Tyr | Tyr's]] Stadium Gate, Flin is a no-nonsense thinker and was able to secure a place for himself as spokesman for the artisans and traders during the initial meeting of the [[Council of Advisors]]. It …

  • Twile

    Hephaestus Domitian Darian Twile is a young rapscallion of maybe nine or ten years of age. He acts as a general gopher and dogsbody for the [[Veiled Alliance]] in [[Tyr]], lining his own pockets into the bargain in whatever ways his inventive boy’s mind …

  • Girias

    High templar for [[Tyr | Tyr's]] Bureau of Water, Girias is a man with massive responsibilities in the new city and, consequently, massive power.

  • Thorlin

    Thorlin is a merchant of [[Tyr]] with an expensive drug habit - he buys aphni from the elves whenever he can afford it. He was suspected by a Tyrian mob of being a defiler and trying to buy spell components from [[:ruhola | Ruhola Clearwater]], Thorlin …

  • Ruhola Clearwater

    An elf of the [[Clearwater]] tribe and daughter of [[:faenaeyon | Faenaeyon]], Ruhola fell afoul of a mob of Tyrian citizens who suspected her of being a defiler and attempting to sell spell components on the market. She and her customer [[:thorlin]] …

  • Shivrin

    An elven bard (tribe unknown) who acted as spokesman for the folk of the Warrens during the initial meeting of the [[Council of Advisors]], Shivrin rails at the fact that his people are not taken seriously by the other traders and merchants. He has taken …

  • Luutan Clearwater

    A [[Clearwater]] elf, Luutan operates as a tout in the Elven Market. His cousin runs a stall at the market by the Elven Bridge, and if Luutan is to be believed, spell components can be bought there.

  • Aika Clearwater

    An elf of the [[Clearwater]] tribe, Aika and her tribe have recently taken up residence in the Elven Market and Shadow Square. She acts as a tout, trying to get customers to visit her tribe’s stalls by the Elven Bridge.

  • Elthus Portharian

    The lord of [[House Portharian]], Elthus is a long-time sponsor of the [[Veiled Alliance]] in [[Tyr]]. He acted as mentor to [[:ka-tor | Ka’Tor]]

  • Gaanon

    Gaanon was a gladiator in [[Tyr]]. Following [[:kalak|Kalak's]] death, he was recruited to join [[:rikus|Rikus']] legion as a commander of the gladiator troops.

  • Nok

    Nok is a Halfling chieftain from beyond the [[Ringing Mountains]]. He created both Ktandeo's Cane and the Heartwood Spear, pursuing [[:sadira]] when she refused to return the cane.

  • Faenaeyon

    An elf (most likely of the [[Clearwater]] tribe) and father of [[:ruhola]], he paid the tribe’s life-debt to none other than [[:tik-tik-kyorthok|Tik-Tik]] when the kreen came seeking aid from the elves. Faenaeyon made a number of magical potion fruit …

  • Jethek

    Jethek is responsible for overseeing visitors to the Observation Tower in [[Tyr|Tyr's]] Golden City.

  • Torban

    Torban is the captain of the Tower Guard in [[Tyr]] - the personal bodyguard of the king. He is an incredibly skilled combatant.

  • Dote Mal Payne

    Dote Mal Payne was [[:kalak|Kalak's]] chief necromancer. Although reportedly slain, rumours persist that he has endured and now lairs in UnderTyr.

  • Drewet

    Drewet is the owner and innkeeper of the Wayward Trader inn on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]].

  • Khalbed

    Khalbed is the owner of Khalbed's Kitchen, the only stall on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]]. He does a roaring trade in various snacks and drinks, catering to the local traders and labourers.

  • Caldon

    Caldon is the High Templar of Public Works, and so is nominally responsible for every building in [[Tyr]].

  • Frake

    Frake is a half-giant guard who works at the Templar station on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]].

  • Jee-Lu

    Jee-Lu is a half-giant guard who works at the Templar HQ on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]].

  • Mother Damras

    Mother Damras was a midwife who lived and worked on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]] until she was slain by undead.

  • Migena

    MIgena is the owner of Migena's Loom, a weaver's shop on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]]. Prior to the completion of [[:kalak|Kalak's]] ziggurat, she hid some slaves in her cellar to save them from having to work on the monument. Unfortunately, [[:mandax]] …

  • Guerdra

    Guerdra is a weaver working on Artisan's Way in [[Tyr]]. She became [[:mandax|Templar Mandax's]] lover and convinced him to shut down her rival [[:migena|Migena's]] business. This had disastrous consequences as Migena was hiding slaves in her cellar. They …

  • Erkush the Tall

    Erkush is a potter in [[Tyr]]. He was a sometime business associate of [[:s-n-herrix | Sûn Herrix]]

  • Gunth Hargrove

    Gunth is the eldest son of [[House Haargraav]], and prefers the older version of the family name. As the older brother of [[:elise-hargrove | Elise Hargrove]], he was condescendingly protective while at the same time demanding his sister accept the …

  • Korgunard

    Korgunard is a legendary preserver/psionicist, famous in the [[Veiled Alliance]]. He has begun a path of transformation into a truly wondrous being.

  • Elentha

    Elentha is a member of the [[Veiled Alliance]] of [[Raam]] and also of the slave tribe known as [[The Free]]. [[:jaggo]] is her mentor.

  • Malestic

    Malestic was the High Templar of [[Raam]]. He pursued [[:korgunard]] across the [[Tablelands]], only to meet his end in battle at [[:desverendi|Desverendi's]] valley.

  • Jaggo

    Jaggo is a leader of the [[Veiled Alliance]] of [[Raam]] and mentor to [[:elentha]]

  • Fevil

    Fevil is the chief defiler of the [[Black Sand Raiders]]. [[:hespulto]] was his apprentice.

  • Hespulto

    Hespulto was a member of the [[Black Sand Raiders]] and apprentice to [[:fevil]], sent to capture [[:korgunard]]. Until our heroes thoroughly killed him.

  • Lokee

    Lokee was a member of the [[Black Sand Raiders]] and bodyguard to [[:hespulto]].

  • Desverendi

    Desverendi is a spirit of the land, dwelling in a hidden valley in the [[Ringing Mountains]]. He helped [[:korgunard]] complete his transformation into an avangion.

  • Gathok Stel

    Gathok is the head of [[House Stel]] in [[Tyr]]. He was identified as a spy for [[Urik]] by the spirit of [[:shikarva]].

  • Quick Wenzer

    Wenzer is a famous gladiator in [[Tyr]]. He caused trouble following [:kalak|Kalak's]] death, initially refusing to join [[:rikus|Rikus']] gladiator legion. Although Wenzer relented (after some painful persuasion by [[:beor-huan]], he was later revealed …

  • Faro Blossom

    Faro Blossom was allegedly a slave girl from [[Tyr]] who was given her freedom but re-enslaved in [[Balic]]. Our heroes rescued her from captivity, only to discover that she was actually a spy for the Tyrian templarate by the name of T'jora Makos.

  • Craybite

    Craybite was an assassin sent to slay [[:faro-blossom]]. Although he came close to achieving his goal, he ended up very firmly dead.

  • Haarna

    Haarna is a member of [[Tyr|Tyr's]] templarate, working in the Bureau of Security. She has a solid relationship with the earth cleric [[:paamell]]

  • Styan

    Styan is a templar of [[Tyr]]. He was assigned command of the templarate soldiers in preparation for the war with [[Urik]].

  • Jaseela

    Jaseele is a noblewoman of [[Tyr]]. She was assigned command of the nobles' troops in the run-up to the war with [[Urik]].

  • Turlow

    A member of [[Tyr|Tyr's]] [[Council of Advisors | Council of Advisors]], Turlow has a long-standing rivalry with [[:sintha-valex | Sintha Valex]].

  • Vildeen Tyrthani

    Vildeen is the head of [[House Tyrthani]] and a surprisingly unpleasant racist. There are several peculiar rumours about his relationship with his manservant [[:hanfros | Hanfros]].

  • Hanfros

    Hanfros is the personal manservant of [[:vildeen-tyrthani]]. Rumours persist that their relationship is more than that of master and servant.

  • Hasaval

    Hasaval is a junior templar, despite his age, wholly under the influence of [[:girias]].

  • Turax

    Turax is a member of the [[Council of Advisors | Council of Advisors]] in [[Tyr]]. He would seem to be as old as the hills, and then some.

  • Sacha

    Sacha is some kind of undead that inhabits the Golden Tower of [[Tyr]]. He is apparently related to [[:wyan]] and a distant ancestor of [[:tithian-of-mericles | Tithian of Mericles]]. Best not to think about it too much.

  • Wyan

    Wyan is an undead floating head that inhabits the Golden Tower in [[Tyr]]. He is apparently related to [[:sacha]] and is a distant ancestor of [[:tithian-of-mericles | Tithian of Mericles]]. Which is perfectly normal.

  • Karooti

    Karooti was earth-speaker to a small tribe of hej-kin dwelling in caverns beneath the [[Elemental Mortuary]]. He attempted to poison our heroes in order to sacrifice them to Elemental Earth in return from protection from a city of deep spiders. You'll …

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