The following are the granted power options for air clerics.

Minor Granted Powers

Clean Air: This power automatically transforms unhealthy air or vapour into clean, breathable oxygen as it enters the cleric’s nose or mouth. The duration is equal to the priest’s level, and this power can only be invoked once per day.

Missile Deflection: The reverse of missile stream, this power will help steer incoming missile weapons away from the cleric, effectively subtracting 1 from the enemy’s attack roll. It is always considered to be active while outdoors and can only be used indoors if there is an adequate source of wind. A priest must be at least 5th level to choose this power.

Missile Stream: The spirits of the air help compensate for their champions’ poor melee ability by guiding their missiles to their targets. This gives the cleric a +1 to hit with any missile that might logically be affected by slight winds. The guidance includes arrows, bolts, and darts, but not boulders or flaming pitch from catapults. This power will work continuously as long as the priest remains outdoors.

Protection from Wind: With this power, a cleric always has a +2 saving throw vs. any wind based attack.

Refreshing Breeze: A constant breeze will caress the cleric’s skin whenever he is outdoors. The cooling this provides will reduce his water requirements by one-half, and that grants him a +1 reaction bonus because of his relaxed composure. The priest will hardly sweat when others are drenched, but can sunburn and suffer other such effects normally.

Major Granted Powers

Ignore Element: At 5th level, air clerics may ignore the presence of air for a number of rounds equal to their level. Air priests are not affected by spells that attack with wind or air, and the cleric does not have to breathe. A 5th-level air cleric is unaffected by poison gas or by spells such as stinking cloud. Should his power be expended while the cleric is subjected to a spell or condition, he is affected normally.

Gate Element: Air clerics may gate in material directly from the Plane of Air upon reaching 7th level. In this case the “material” is a terrific wind capable of knocking down all creatures sized huge or less for one round. A sheet of wind, 2 feet wide or every level above the 6th, whips about at his command for one round, moving at gale speed. This means the priest can affect 1d4 individuals for every level above the 6th before the wind finally subsides.

Anyone hit must make a saving throw vs. paralysation or be knocked to the ground for the rest of the round. This prevents opponents from making magical, missile, or melee attacks. The wind must start at a point no more than 50 feet from the cleric, but can be directed farther once it is set in motion. In a single round, a gale force wind can travel about 1,000 yards. While the wind is much less destructive than the materials gated in by other clerics, its advantage is its terrific range.


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