Athasian Races

Below you will find further detail on the races of Athas. This supplements the information given in the races section of the rules.













Other Athasian Races

Many other races live in the deserts of Athas. Below are some of the more widely-known species of the Tablelands.

Baazrag: A distant cousin to the Athasian sloth, the baazrag is a wild creature that is often domesticated for slave labour in the cities. 600 pounds of fur and muscle and quite dull, baazrags are nevertheless sentient and some understand the Common speech, approximating it with grunts and howls.

Belgoi: Belgoi are a race of savage humanoids that live in the most desolate of places, since no other race will allow them nearby. Belgoi seem to revel in destruction, and are considered to be second only to the defilers in the damage they do to the world around them.

Braxat: A huge humanoid of mixed mammalian and reptilian stock, braxats can be found in most parts of Athas, usually hunting for prey. Braxats are the ultimate terrors of the desert and are usually nocturnal. Braxats prefer intelligent prey but will eat caravan or other mounts on occasion.


Giant: Athasian giants are huge, lumbering, savage creatures that live in the sandy wastes of Athas. The largest concentration of giants inhabits the islands of the Silt Sea.

Gith: Gith are a lanky race of reptilian humanoids who spend most of their time, bent-over in a crouch that makes them appear to be only five feet tall. Their lower jaws jut forward and their powerful legs allow them to make great leaps, which they use to move about, walking in an awkward waddle only when they cannot jump or when sneaking up on prey.

Jozhal: Jozhals are small, lightly built reptilian creatures which may be distantly related to crodlu. They have long, slender legs, lanky arms ending in dexterous hands, and long, flexible tails. Jozhals have precise control over their skin’s color, and sometimes use it to create decorative patterns of colour resembling tattoos.

Lask: Lasks are one of the new races emerging from the deep desert. A lask looks much like a mul or tarek, sharing those creatures’ muscled, hairless forms. From the lask’s square muzzle protrude a pair of yellow fangs that curve slightly inward like the mandibles of a thri-kreen.

Nikaal: Nikaals are a reptilian race of nomadic wanderers and explorers. They rarely remain in one place for more than a week, and some suspect they have traveled to the Tablelands from a faraway homeland beyond the Ringing Mountains.

Sillt Runner: Silt runners are cowardly reptilian humanoids with the curious ability to run across silt. They have tails, which usually drag along the ground except when they are running or in combat, when the tail is used to help them maintain their balance. They wear trophies taken from their victims.

Slig: Sligs are wide-jawed humanoids that roam the desert wilderness. They are especially lean, because they cannot store fat in their bodies, and are remarkably hairy. Their voracious appetites have led to the phrase “sligging down your food” being used in the cities of the Tablelands as way to describe rapid and enthusiastic feeding.


Tarek: Tareks are muscle-bound brutes that are known for their great constitution and will to live. They look dull-witted, with their squared heads with sloping foreheads, and exude a strong, distinctively musky odour.

Tari: The tari are commonly referred to as ratmen by the other denizens of the Tyr region. They are small, furry humanoid scavengers, capable of thriving on food and water too polluted for humans to ingest. Hunted freely as pests, the tari are the barbaric descendants of a once thriving culture who inhabited lands to the south of the Tyr region.

Tul’k: Tul’ks are primitive, psionic humanoids that roam the mountains and hills of Athas, eking out a living where they can. Timid and withdrawn, tul’ks rarely come into conflict with other races but make cunning foes when this does occur.

Athasian Races

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