The following are the granted power options for earth clerics.

Minor Granted Powers

Eliminate Tracks: This ability functions much like the 1st-level spell pass without trace, but with two important limitations. The cleric still leaves a scent, and he cannot exercise this ability in snow or mud. Only sand or hard earth instantly reforms to cover the priest’s tracks. The power will function whenever the priest’s bare feet are in contact with the earth.

Encasement: An earth cleric can bury himself beneath loose earth, sand, or top soil for up to eight hours. For each hour spent beneath the earth, the cleric regains 1 hit point. Spellcasting is possible if the spell does not require elaborate somatic or material components. A typical tactic is for a priest to encase himself beneath the earth and then cast plant growth to provide more camouflage for his hiding place. He may not move from the spot without emerging, unless he uses the 5th-level power to ignore the element.

Meld into Stone: This power functions as the 3rd-level priest spell of the same name, usable once per day.

Enhanced Saving Throw: Earth clerics may choose to take a +2 to all saving throws vs. any spell whose sphere is of earth. The character is now so tied to the earth, however, that he must suffer the loss of 1 additional hit point whenever he loses one to defiling magic by spell or by sacrificing himself for the environment.

Endure: The cleric must be 5th level or higher to choose this power. Earth clerics, more than any others, are dedicated to protecting Athas from the defilers. To use this ability, the cleric must be within the radius of a defiler’s magical destruction area x 2, and make a successful Wisdom check. Whenever a spell is cast, the actual area of destruction is halved. The earth cleric channels energy from his surroundings to reduce the defiler’s required energy to a smaller patch of earth. Like the mighty oak that bends rather than breaks in the face of a hurricane, the earth cleric realizes that the land must give in order to preserve.

Major Granted Powers

Ignore Element: An earth cleric may ignore the presence of earth when he reaches 5th level. The duration of this power is a number of rounds equal to his level, and this may occur only once per day. He may move through stone, wade through an avalanche, and otherwise ignore rock, metal, wood, or any other earth material. If the cleric is still “inside” the substance when the power expires, he is instantly expelled and takes 4d8 points of damage.

This allows an earth cleric to move beneath the surface of the land. In this state his movement rate remains the same as long as he travels in straight lines or descends into the earth. He is treated as if he were walking, but only so long as he remains in earth (not water or air). If he must rise through the material, his movement rate is cut in half. He is in complete control and will not sink or otherwise “drift” when passing through the soil.

Gate Element: A cleric may gate material directly from the elemental Plane of Earth when he reaches 7th level. The amount is equal to 1 cubic foot for each level above the 6th. The material is always stone, not metal or wood. Nor does the cleric have any control over what kind of stone will appear, though it is usually obsidian or sandstone. The shape of the stone may be round, square, triangular, or any other basic shape, but cannot be intricate or ornate. A cleric could, for example, form a wall about herself, or in front of a running attacker, but the wall would not be carved or otherwise detailed.

The stone will appear anywhere the priest commands up to a distance of 50 feet, as long as he can actually see the target. If the stone materializes above an enemy’s head, it falls instantly, causing 1d6 points of damage for every cubic foot (or 1d6 for every level over 6th). A successful saving throw reduces the damage by half.


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