Half-Giant Overview


Giants dominate many of the islands and coastal areas of the Sea of Silt, wading across it to plunder the communities of smaller races. In some lost millennium, as a bizarre experiment or perhaps as some sort of curse, giants were magically crossbred with humans. Half–giants are now fairly common, especially in human-controlled lands at the edge of the sea of dust. A half–giant is an enormous individual, standing between 10 and 12 feet tall, and weighing in the neighbourhood of 1,600 pounds. Their features are human, but exaggerated.

A half–giant gains terrific size from his giant heritage, but also inherits that race’s dull wits. His human background, however, provides him with an interest in communication and cooperation, not to mention more reserved traits such as curiosity a willingness to learn, and a general tendency toward kindness. At any rate, half–giants are capable of far more kindness than their often blood–thirsty giant kin.

Though no one knows for certain, half–giants seem to be a fairly young race, perhaps only a few tens of centuries old. There is no half–giant culture common to all of their kind. On the contrary having insufficient history and overall intelligence to have their own culture, half–giants tend to readily adopt the cultures of other creatures they admire or associate with. Half-giants are very imitative creatures, eager to fit into new situations as they present themselves.

Half–giants sometimes collect into communities of their own, though they most often adopt the culture and customs of those creatures that are nearby. When near an elven nation, for instance, half–giants will form their own hunting and raiding parties, adopting the ways of the elven marauders. They won’t mix with the elves, neither will they fight with them. In most instances, imitative half–giant communities will compete directly with the race whom they are likening themselves to. It is their great size and combat prowess that keeps their competitors at a safe distance. However, half–giants can switch their attitudes very quickly, taking on new values to fit new situations. A half–giant whose peaceful farming life is disrupted by marauders may soon adopt the morals of the very renegades who sacked his village.

This is not to say, however, that half–giants are strictly bound to perform as those they see around them, nor are they restricted from moving on. On the contrary, if the situation is not beneficial or if the half–giant would not perform well (living in the trees like the halflings, for instance), he won’t imitate it. Also, half–giants are not bound to a piece of work or a lifestyle the way other races are – they seldom have regrets or reminiscences about what has gone before. They simply aren’t as emotionally attached to their lives or works.

See the game statistics for playing a half-giant.

Half-Giant Overview

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