House Vordon


Once one of the most feared and respected of Athas’ great houses, House Vordon has become something of a laughing-stock. This recent change has principally been due to the demented excesses of Tyr’s late sorcerer–king Kalak.

Kalak diverted resources to the construction of a massive ziggurat and all but bankrupted his city. This caused resentment among Tyr’s nobles and merchants and left House Vordon struggling for scraps. Many accuse House Vordon of having been involved in Kalak’s assassination, but since his death their fortunes have improved little, with the slow reopening of the iron mines, and House Vordon is still struggling to regain its former glory.

The House is ruled by Thaxos Vordon and trades in iron, weapons, artwork, and textiles. It also trades in slaves when away from the Tyr valley.

House Vordon

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