Human Overview


Humans are the predominant race on Athas. An average human male stands between 6 and 6½ feet tall and weighs 180 to 200 pounds. A human female is somewhat smaller, averaging between 5½ and 6 feet in height and weighing between 100 and 140 pounds. The colours of skin, eyes, and hair vary widely. On Athas, centuries of abusive magic have not only scarred the landscape – they’ve twisted the essence of human appearance, as well. Many Athasian humans look normal, while others have marked alterations to their appearance. Their facial features might be slightly bizarre; a large chin or nose, pointed ears, no facial hair, etc. Their coloration might be subtly different, such as coppery, golden brown, hues of grey, or patchy. The differences may be more physical, such as webbed toes or fingers, longer or shorter limbs, etc. A player with a human character should be given broad latitude in making up these alterations to his form, if he so wishes.

The children of humans and other races produce half–races like half–elves and muls. It is important to note, however, that half–giants are a race born of a magical union in the distant past; half–giants can only reproduce with one another. Humans are generally tolerant of other races. They can easily adapt to situations involving elves or dwarves, and even more exotic races such as half–giants and thri–kreen. Where other, less tolerant races come into contact with one another, humans often serve as diplomatic buffers. Compared to dwarves, muls, half-giants, and thri-kreen, humans aren’t very strong. They are, however, cunning, highly inventive, and persistent in the extreme.

Humans tend toward impulsiveness and great daring, seeking to make the most of whatever fate throws their way. Wherever life has entrenched itself in the Athasian wastelands, humans can be found. Humans can also be found at all levels of society. In the city-states, humans fill more than their share of the ranks, from sorcerer-kings, nobles, and templars, to free workers and lowly slaves. In the wilderness, humans hunt with slave tribes, drive herds with nomadic clans, and lead or serve merchant caravans as they trek across the barren plains. Humans are extremely adaptable and usually highly tolerant of the differences that drive other races to war. However, it should also be noted that human treatment of other races is usually based on what their culture has taught them. In other city-states, close proximity with many races leads to a suspicious unfriendly tolerance. They often serve as diplomats, tribal chiefs, or some other function that binds different races together.

Most humans pay homage to the elements. Some worship their sorcerer-monarchs. Where psionics are concerned, humans see the Way as a natural part of daily life, and readily take to the teachings of the Will and the Way. Most humans fear and hate magic, forming mobs to kill vulnerable wizards. As with other denizens of the Tablelands, humans do not distinguish between preservers and defilers.

Humans generally speak the Common Tongue of slaves. Nobles and artisans within a given city-state usually speak the city language, but slaves typically only speak Common.

See the game statistics for playing a human.

Human Overview

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