Pterrans are reptilian humanoids with light brown, scaly skin who grow to be about 6 feet tall. A pterran stands upright in the humanoid configuration, though his two arms end in three-fingered, talon-clawed hands with opposable thumbs, and his two legs end in three-toed feet. A finlike growth juts from the back of a pterran’s head, and he has a short tail and two shoulder stubs – remnants of wings that vanished generations ago.

Pterran player characters hail from either the savage tribes of the Tablelands or two civilised villages in the Hinterlands (Pterran Vale and Lost Scale). Despite their varying levels of civilisation and sophistication, all pterrans revere the world of Athas as their Earth Mother, believing themselves to be her first, best children. They see the damage to Athas as the worst crimes imaginable, and many of these beings have left their homes to aid Athas in her time of need.

Pterrans are a wary, subdued race at first sight, but when others earn a pterran’s trust, they see an open, caring, friendly individual. In particular, a pterran engages in many celebrations throughout the day. Each celebration gives thanks to the Earth Mother and reinforces a pterran’s beliefs and faith.

In initial role-playing situations, a pterran character should be unfamiliar with the customs and practices of the societies of the Tyr Region. However, they look upon differences with curiosity and a willingness to learn, as long as the custom doesn’t harm the Earth Mother or her works.

Pterrans select a “Life Path” to follow. A Life Path signifies a pterran’s deep devotion to a chosen way of life. The main Life Paths are the Path of the Warrior (fighters, gladiators, or rangers), the Path of the Druid, and the Path of the Psionicist. Lesser Life Paths allow pterrans to become thieves, traders, or multiclass characters.

Pterrans are omnivores. Much of their diet comes from hunting animals and raising crops. Kirre, id fiend, and flailer are all considered pterran delicacies.

Pterrans are known for domesticating and training wild pterraxes, and a cadre of pterrax riders enjoys an elite position in pterran society. Becoming a pterrax rider is the aspiration of many young pterrans, but this life path is a demanding one and few possess the skills and talents required to walk it.

The following game statistics apply to the pterran player character:

  • Ability Adjustments: +1 Strength, -1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma.
  • Movement Rate: 12.
  • Natural Armour: +2 natural armour bonus.
  • Claws: A pterran can use his talons instead of a weapon during combat, striking twice in a round for 1d4 points of damage with each successful hit.


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