Pterran Overview


Pterrans are reptilian humanoids standing 5 to 6½ feet tall, with light brown scaly skin, sharp teeth, and a short tail. They sport short, sharp claws at the end of their limbs and have beak-like mouths and large bony crests along the back of their heads. Pterrans also have two shoulder stumps, remnants of wings they possessed long ago. Pterrans walk upright, like humanoids, and weigh between 180 to 220 pounds.

Pterrans worship the Earth Mother, a representation of the whole world of Athas. Their devotion to the Earth Mother is deeply rooted in all aspects of their culture, and it defines a pterran’s behaviour. All rituals and religious events are related to their worship of the Earth Mother.

Among strangers, pterrans seem subdued, but once others earn a pterran’s trust, they will find an individual that is friendly, inquisitive, and optimistic. In other respects, a pterran’s personality is largely shaped by her chosen life path.

Pterrans who choose the path of the warrior are less disturbed by the brutality of the Tablelands; they constantly examine their surroundings and consider how their terrain could be defended; they take greatest satisfaction from executing a strategy that results in victory without friendly casualties. Pterrans who choose the path of the druid are most interested in plants, animals, and the state of the land; they take greatest satisfaction when they eliminate a threat to nature. Pterrans that choose the path of the mind are most interested in
understanding others; these telepaths take satisfaction from intellectual accomplishments such as solving mysteries, exposing deception, resolving quarrels between individuals, and establishing trade routes between communities. Their faith in the Earth Mother means they undertake their adventure with open minds, but they will remain subdued and guarded around people they do not trust.

A pterran’s respect for the Earth Mother governs all his behaviour. Creatures that openly destroy the land or show disrespect for the creatures of the wastes are regarded suspiciously. Pterrans understand the natural cycle of life and death but have difficulty with some aspects of the city life, such as cramped living spaces, piled refuse, and the smells of unwashed humanoids.

See the game statistics for playing a pterran.

Pterran Overview

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