Night Runners


The elves of the Night Runner tribe operate on the fringes of the Athasian world, passing from darkness to darkness like whispers in the night.

The Night Runners are enigmatic, existing to most of the folk of the Tablelands as nothing more than a legend told around a dying campfire.

The Night Runners have made a name for themselves among those who require experts in the forbidden arts. They specialise in activities that most consider covert, if not totally illegal.

Espionage, theft, kidnapping, smuggling, assassination and extortion are just some of the areas that these elves work in.

Those who can afford their prices can hire these elves who have turned smuggling, contraband trade and other illegal activities into art forms.

Night Runner clans include Dark Moon, Full Moon, Half Moon, Lone Moon, New Moon, and Quarter Moon.

Night Runners

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