A city-state lying in a secluded valley of the Ringing Mountains. Tyr is reputed to be the oldest of the city-states of the Tablelands and was ruled over by the immortal sorcerer-king Kalak, also known as the Tyrant of Tyr, for over a thousand years. It gained much of its wealth from the fact that is controls the only serviceable iron mine in the area.

Over the last century, the city lost much of its power, however, as Kalak poured all of its resources into the construction of grand and mysterious ziggurat. His mad scheme all but crippled the city and the ziggurat proved to be the final component of a ceremony designed to drain the life from every citizen of Tyr in a vast working of defiling magic. Kalak was assassinated during the opening ceremonies of the ziggurat. Rumours persist that his own templarate conspired with nobles and slaves alike in the assassination. Following Kalak’s death and the beginning of the reign of Tithian, all of the slaves of Tyr were freed.

Tyr has not prospered, however. Tithian fled the city early in his reign, apparently driven from power by his own Council of Advisors, amidst rumours that he masterminded the regicide in order to steal the secrets of Kalak’s power. Furthermore, the closure of Tyr’s iron mines caused much consternation throughout the Tablelands. Although the mines are set to re-open, other city-states have sent emissaries to Tyr, warning of grave consequences if the iron does not start to flow again. Foremost among these is Urik, who have promised war if the iron trade does not resume.

House Vordon is Tyr’s chief trading house, although it has fallen on hard times since the collapse of the iron trade.


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